Culture Shock Absorber

For Non-Japanese  living in Japan

Refreshing Sunday Seaside Heart to heart chats!It works!

Life is a dance you learn as you go!Sometimes you lead and sometimes you follow!!

Open Car Experience!!オープンカー ドライブ

About Elizabeth   

EigoEarth   Life in harmony!   

Would you like to have an interesting, no stress fun time on the weekends. Forget about work etc. I can help!   Business ladies and men.  We can drive in my open car free fresh air and clean out the webs..haha..Shout and sing too. No need for a dictionary. Understand puns..Sometimes you really need this..recharge..Call me asap..Let"s GO!!


Essential Program for you!!!  I can help make your life easier in Japan. I have lived in Japan for many years.   know much about many areas of life. Been There,Done That!!  I can help in any area (maybe)

Make your life a fun and less stressfull experience.Enjoy the wonderful ways of Japanese cultural and see good energy places,too. There are many amazing places right under your nose." Todai moto kurashi" I can show you.

Learn basic useful Japanese.Meet our good Japanese friends that can speak great English.

Need a shoulder???or big sister?? Elizabeth can lighten up your day and listen to your problems and offer advice..You will be sure to re-energize laugh and be freshed..

Please contact with a brief intro and she will get back to you asap..

 Fee applies for sessions.

 You can't afford not to take at least one.