High Level Just Talking!


For those who  don't want to lose  their  English Conversation skill ! 英会話力が落ちてはいませんか?




  • Autumn in Vancouver!



Since there are very few chances to use English freely in Japan,I would like to offer a chance for you to speak,joke,laugh.ask questions,reinforce your vocabulary and learn new idioms etc. Locations:  Cafes, outdoors,shopping,drive,my house BBQ, events  etc.

場所: カフェ、買い物、ドライブ、私の家でBBQ、その他のイベント

長期のコースを受ける必要はありません。一度でも参加が可能です。No need to sign up for a long term course.


実際にこのコースを受けている人は、以前に海外生活をしていた、留学していた、けれど帰国後英語を使う機会がないので…という人が多くいます。英語を使ってなくて忘れがちになっていませんか。今こそ、はじめてみましょう。会う時間が取れない場合は、メールや電話での英会話もできます。まずはご連絡ください。 info@eigoearth.com

 I am one Maple Cookie in a Huge basket of Mikan Oranges! " Sometimes you need a little Maple to remember when you lived overseas..Keep that inner energy!! 

 Just book your time  as you like.Great for busy people who might want to meet face to face once a month for a few hours..and have English support by mail and telephone other times. For this practise please email  with your self intro and request. Nice idea!! Bring photos of your travels and tell stories..about your experiences..This will help you to remember your trips.I can also help you to express yourself more. That is usually the tough part of using a SECOND LANGUAGE.